04333 - SAP printing on AS/400

04333 - SAP printing on AS/400

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SAP printing on AS/400

Hi Charlie,

is all you have a remote out queue?
We have an IBM4039PS with iData card (IP printing) and no problems.
Also have a Brother as remote out queue via print server and no problems either.

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From: Charlie Kil
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2001 10:32 AM
Subject: SAP printing on AS/400

Hello all

I need some help on SAP printing on AS/400.

We have a IBM printer machine type 4317(Network printer 17) and we set it up
in SAP with the following setting.

Device Type: IBMAFP3 : IBM AFPDS converter 300 dpi

Host spool access method: C:Direct operating system call

When we tried to print something from SAP, it went OK because we did not see
any problem in SP01.

However, it was not printing at all.

My question is

1. What is the common or proper device type for the printer that we have? I
have not set up IBM printer in SAP on AS/400.

2. The way we did was create a output queue on OS level and set up a SAP
printer. However, we did not see any printing job from the output queue at all.
What is the problem and how we can fix this?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards


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