04340 - Changing ASP on Journaling

04340 - Changing ASP on Journaling

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Changing ASP on Journaling

Hi Volker,
when I downloaded document s5799ajc and opened the file the file is not
readeable. What is the format of that file. ?
The other word document causes no errors.

I did an APYJRNCHG many years ago, still on the /38 and DATA/3 software,
and it works fine. Users dont't know in the evening what they've done in
the morning. So it is better to loose a few transactions than a whole day.
The only problem formerly and now is to tell the user, what transaction
was the latest correct transaction.

kind regards

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Hi Matt,

I did this APYJRNCHG with customers a few time in the past successful. You
are right that it tales some time and is especially frustrating, if you are
not experienced with the technique, because you normally do this only once
in your life.

All I did in my last APYJRNCHG sessions with customers I wrote down and sent
it to the group. A very helpful person converted this into a useful
word-document at:
" on System i/files/Journaling

It's correct, that it takes some time to recover the journals, but at least,
if you are in good luck that the users are perhaps not in during this time
(perhaps because of night?), it might be interesting. You should ensure,
that you check the F-Codes, because for every not supported F-Code the
APYJRNCHG stops and every startup needs about 1 hour because we are having
so many tables in the R3SIDDATA.
This is a lot enhanced with V5R1 with the APYJRNCHGX, that more or less
supports all DDL-statements and so on, so that you can recover always in one
step. You can download this at:
" on System i/files/"

Perhaps it's useful, not to delete the journal-receivers before doing the
next backup, if this is possible with the amount of data, you are
generating. Then you always have them on the system. To apply the
journal-changes is definitely faster than re-keying the thing if we are
talking about half a day or 1 day lost. And keep in mind, that it is always
hard to remember for employees, what exactly they did today (and is lost)
and what they did yesterday and is still in. So, the re-keying variant is a
lot less accorate.

Hopefully, you never need this strategy!



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