04359 - iSeries upgrade questions...

04359 - iSeries upgrade questions...

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iSeries upgrade questions...

It was pointed out to me that I have oversimplified it.
To clarify - save "everything" means save all of your SAP data, not GO SAVE
opt 23. For instance, QUSRSYS from V4R4 wouldn't be liked on a V5R1 box.
The SQL pkgs are not needed either - let the V5R1 optimizer build new ones.
See the OSS notes for further help with moving from system to system.

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iSeries 400 - ERP Development - Rochester, MN

Ron Schmerbauch/Rochester/IBMZIBMUS on 12/17/2001 02:06:10 PM

To: sap400Zm...
Subject: Re: iSeries upgrade questions...

The key thing is upgrade the kernel in your current environment to a level
that is V5R1 certified. If you keep up with the patches, you probably
already have a sufficient patch level. With this, you can save
everything, then restore on V5R1.

On V5R1, your SAPOSCOL job may fail.
after you restore the users will correct this.

You do NOT have to upgrade your V4R4 box to V5R1 before saving/restoring
your environment to a V5R1 partition.

Ron Schmerbauch 507-253-4880 rschmerbZu...
iSeries 400 - ERP Development - Rochester, MN

"Betsy Strebe" <bstrebeZt...> on 12/17/2001 01:43:21 PM

To: sap400Zm...
Subject: iSeries upgrade questions...

Hi all,

We are moving closer to replacing our 170, 720, and 730 with an 830
(obviously using LPAR). The current systems are all at OS level V4R4.
The new system will come in at V5Rx. Is it possible to migrate SAP to the
new system without first upgraded the old OS from V4R4?

Also, if anyone has done this or something similiar and has any sage advice
it is most welcome.


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