04419 - Redistributing disk

04419 - Redistributing disk

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Redistributing disk

When adding the disks using the service tools you can either add units to
asp and start disk balancing later (option 2), or add disks to asp and
balance data at the same time (option 8).
The balancing jobs have a MAJOR impact on performance so make sure that they
are finished before you let the users on again. However, if you don't
balance the data, that also has a BIG negative impact on response times.
If you use option 8 and let the data balance before the users get on then
you shouldn't have a problem.
Kevin Dowle
Robertsons (Pty) Ltd.
South Africa.

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Hi Craig,

you should have a look to the OS/400-command STRASPBAL, that can be used
with several options. We didn't need this so far, so I can't give you
further information, but maybe someone else of the group has experience
with it.

Kind regards,
Michael Rautenberg

SAP R/3 Systems Administrator
Van Houten GmbH & Co. KG

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Betreff: Redistributing disk

We are about to add another 400 gig of disk to our production server. Does
anyone have recommendations on how to best redistribute the tables? Should
we unload and reload the database or ???

Craig Welch
Brady Corp.

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