04426 - Redistributing disk

04426 - Redistributing disk

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Redistributing disk


when you deceide not to balance your ASP right after adding the disks to
your system, you can do this any time later using the STRASPBAL command, as
advised by Michael. We did this a couple of times and it always worked

Just start the command with parameter TIMLMT(*NOMAX). Then watch your
system's performance. If you deceide that the balancing is eating up too
much power, issue the ENDASPBAL command and schedule another balancing
session in an apropriate time frame.

After increasing the no. of disk units from 105 to 150 on our PRD system
(740 12 way V4R5M0) it took 2 hrs to finish the balancing operation
(without any user activities runnig parallel).

Franz Lehnardt
AS/400 & R/3 Basis Administration
EGG IT Services GmbH
Eschborn, Germany

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Gesendet am: Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2001 03:36
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Betreff: Redistributing disk

We are about to add another 400 gig of disk to our production
server. Does
anyone have recommendations on how to best redistribute the tables?
we unload and reload the database or ???

Craig Welch
Brady Corp.

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