04438 - Problem with DBLS

04438 - Problem with DBLS

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Problem with DBLS


We have a production system of 800G. To run BDLS it will take forever to
finish. So we decide not to run BDLS. However, we have to change the logical
system because we use ALE to distribute data. In our PRD system it has the
tst logical system name defined. So after system refresh, I just re assign
the name in SCC4. Never seen this message before. Our team work pretty well
with the copy. Only some FI or CO reports show some strange things. I can't
remember what we saw when we did the first system refresh.

Zhihong Zhao
SAP Certified Basis Consultant AS400
DairyFarmers IS Department

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Subject: RE: Problem with DBLS


The steps you listed will allow a logical system to be assigned in SCC4, but
ALL data that already existed under the previous logical system name is
inaccessible and inconsistencies can occur. To access that data, you must
run BDLS to change the logsysname in each table. If you first follow the
steps to create the logical system name and assign it to SCC4, and then try
to run BDLS,you receive the error that Helmut is seeing.

Again, I strongly suggest following the steps as defined in the help
('online document') for BDLS to change this setting.


Mike D. Martin<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =
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SAP Basis Administrator

SOLA Optical, USA

707-763-9911 x6106

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Subject: RE: Problem with DBLS


First you need to check in SALE to find out whether the logical system you
used in tst exists in new copy. If not, create it. Then, use scc4 to assign
the logical system to the client. I had done this many times after system
refreshes, never has problem.

Zhihong Zhao
SAP Certified Basis Consultant
DairyFarmers IS Department

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Subject: Problem with DBLS

Hi group,

I did a db-copy from prd to tst and I want to use the same logical system
name in tst as I used before.

I can change the logical system name with scc4 but I want to change the
table-entries (using dbls). If I use the name that I used before the I get
message "B1 455 logical system name ... already exists".

I am on 46b with the latest hotpacks.

Thanks for any advice.

Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Fellner
Brau Union Oesterreich AG
Organisation und Informatik
Tel +43 732 6979 2188
Fax +43 732 654454

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