04440 - OSS Timeout Error

04440 - OSS Timeout Error

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OSS Timeout Error

Hi Nadia,

At what moment are you getting the message: is it still before you logon or
after? I guess, before. Then: what is your operating system and network

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Von: Nadia Gunawan [mailto:NGunawanZw...]
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2001 22:33
An: sap400Zm...
Betreff: OSS Timeout Error

Hi SAP Experts,

I am experiencing a problem connecting to OSS Note.
I got a timeout error in a window with the following info:

Timeout Occurred
Release 45B
Component NI (Network Interface)
Version 33
Return Code -93
Counter 1281

It seems to be specific to my user id, because my other Teammate was able to
log on OSS Note from my PC.

Anyone has ever experience the same issue???
Any Input??


Nadia =)

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