04470 - Sapgui 610 Problems

04470 - Sapgui 610 Problems

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Sapgui 610 Problems

We are experimenting with the 610 gui. Using patch 11. This patch
fixed a LOCL printing problem, but I think it also causes two other

First, Print Preview does not work. I found note 423434 on this, but
of the 8 different patch files for the 610 gui on the web, none of
them has information with patchtext Guilib.dll. Any ideas where that
patch is?

Second, can't do a download. In searching for the first problem, I
note the gui patch is now at level 13. The info file shows it
includes some fixes on WS_DOWNLOAD and references note 482042. I
can't find that note in OSS or SAPNET. Anybody know why?

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