04472 - Problems in Prepare before 3.1I upgrade

04472 - Problems in Prepare before 3.1I upgrade

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Problems in Prepare before 3.1I upgrade

Hello all,

We run SAP release 3.1H on an IBM AS400 platform with operating level
release V4R5.

I am in the process of testing the 31I upgrade in our Test environment, and
am experiencing problems in the PREPARE phase.

I am following the upgrade instructions from the " Upgrade to 3.1I Support
Release 1: IBM AS400" manual.

When I run the PREPARE command, it terminates at the SINXCHK phase. The log
file SINXCHK.XUT is not created at this stage so I do not know where the
problem lies. The log file CHECKS.LOG at this stage only has Information
messages, so again I am not able to identify exactly where the error lies.
The log file R3UPCHK.LOG has only the start time for the SINXCHK phase but
no Dialogue or finish time.

The instruction manual suggests that I should check consistency of Indexes
of Substitution tables. I have done this through transaction SE14 and I
still do not see the problem. I have also looked in OSS notes and did not
find any information relating to this problem.

I located some AS400 error messages which read as follows:
1. " A pointer was used, either directly or as a basing pointer, that
has not been set to an address."
2. "An exception occurred and was not handled. The name of the program
to which the un-handled exception is sent is R3UPOS4 R3UPPFKTNS

Has anyone come across this problem before or could you advise as to where I
should be looking for this problem.

All help will be greatly appreciated.


Sushil Sinha
e-mail : sushilsZb...

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