04473 - Sapgui 610 Problems

04473 - Sapgui 610 Problems

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Sapgui 610 Problems

Hi J.!

When I "ask" OSS, it tells me that 482042 is there,
but "has status 'in process'". Maybe the OSS servers
are a little behind.

Yes, this does happen!
Yesterday I had a phone talk with a SAPer in Walldorf
who gave me recent information out of their internal
system (CSN?): I could not believe the approved R/3
service pack level from the add-on-viewpoint of HR-PS.
And really: The displays in OSS were wrong, i.e. VERY old.

Maybe Volker can provide us with a pre-release(?) version
of 482042.

Kind regards

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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 3. Jänner 2002 18:07
Betreff: Sapgui 610 Problems

Second, can't do a download. In searching for the first problem, I
note the gui patch is now at level 13. The info file shows it
includes some fixes on WS_DOWNLOAD and references note 482042. I
can't find that note in OSS or SAPNET. Anybody know why?

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