04475 - Sapgui 610 Problems

04475 - Sapgui 610 Problems

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Sapgui 610 Problems

It won't help in this case, but in some previous issues, I was able to find a
German version of a note where the English one didn't exist yet. Admittedly,
using a translator doesn't provide something that I'd apply as a patch, but it
can at least give you a general clue of what the problem is.

Jim Doll, Perrigo

>>> volker.gueldenpfennigZs... 01/04 3:24 AM >>>
Hi Rudi,

unfoprtunately the note 482042 is of no halpe at the moment. It contains of
2 totally crazy senteces. So it is really "in process". But I really can't
imagine, who recommends this note at the moment to customers, as no solution
at all is entered there.

So, I think you should send the oss ticket back to SAP and ask again for a
better reply.



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