04482 - Automatic creation of purchase orders

04482 - Automatic creation of purchase orders

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Automatic creation of purchase orders


Just a stab to see if this helps stir some thoughts...

Was the program you created ran in background? We had similar problems when
SY-BINPT was set to 'X'. If this is the case, we simply set SY-BINPT = ' '.
(or SY-BATCH).

Also, are other internal fields populated with this data in the new
transactions? If so, then you could use an IF/THEN focusing on the program
calling the exit.


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Subject: Automatic creation of purchase orders

Dear Saplings,

We have a problem in relation towards the automatic creation of purchase
orders from within a sales order.

The problem is that the nature of our business requires that the purchase
price of a material is defined during the sales cycle.

This has been set-up during our implementation phase and works fine when we
use transaction ME21N.

The solution we have implemented is defined in the user exit
EXIT_SAPLMEKO_002. We used EXIT_SAPLMEKO_002 in transaction ME21N to select
information with regard to the current PREQ (fields' i_ekpo-banfn and
i_ekpo-bnfpo). As mentioned above this is working fine.

Due to the amount of sales orders daily created we would like to create
those purchase orders overnight by using transaction ME59. If the system
comes to the EXIT_SAPLMEKO_002 in transaction ME59, however, the fields
i_ekpo-banfn and i_ekpo-bnfpo are not filled (rest of i_ekpo seems OK), thus
our select is not working...and the entire user exit is ineffective although
it's a capital part of our functionality!

We have reported this problem in OSS (message # 012002523100001957992001)
and SAP replied that:

"I_EKPO-BANFN is populated in the new transaction ME21N,(the new transaction
gives you more possibilities).

I_EKPO-BANFN is not populated in the old transaction ME21 and ME59 but this
is not a bug. It's a feature."

We are a little surprised with this statement. To our believe this is indeed
a bug due to the fact that the population of information is different
depending on the transaction within the user exit is used.

Has any of you have experience with this. How should we solve our problem?
Any advice is much appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Marc Van de Velde


Desco NV

Tel : 03/326.33.33

Fax : 03/326.26.07


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