04494 - Where i find documentations???

04494 - Where i find documentations???

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Where i find documentations???

Hello All ,

Also, there is a new CD (I forgot about it until just now). It has
information on availability, enterprise storage, Business information
Warehouse, ascii app server, global language solutions, miscellaneous
marketing "Stuff", and "Implementating SAP R/3 on OS/400". It is document
number 50 046 642 and can be ordered from SAP or maybe Jim Sanders would be
kind enough to send you information on how to get the CD.

Best regards,

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> ... for SAP R/3 ? is there some book for the make me more
> especially about the systemistic side ?? printers, authorizations,
> profiles, and so on ???
> Thanks to all !!
> Stefano
Hi Stefano,the book SAP R/3 Handbook by jose antonio Hernandez is the
best book like the last message says,and maybe you want to look in
the redbooks of IBM SG24-4672-02 SAP R/3 Implementation for AS/400 in is in format PDF,there are a serie of books
called Made Easy about different topics

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