04495 - Refresh of Quality System

04495 - Refresh of Quality System

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Refresh of Quality System

Hello All,

I have a production system I have cleaned up via REORGS, ARCHIVING,
etc... I would like to use the cleaner/smaller sized Production System
to refresh Quality(Test) which is an older refresh of Production (But
Larger). The problem is that I have applied new Hot Patches to my
Quality System recently and of course since it's a Test system have also
made a couple of changes. Anyway the Hot Patches seemed to affect the
printing of PO's, etc..(Still working on some problems). I have spent
considerable time going thru SPAU on the changes from the hot pack(Two
Weeks), many things are now back to original SAP (Good). I don't really
care for refreshing and then applying the hot packs again and spending
another two weeks re-inventing the process.

I was wondering if there is an easy way to simply refresh the database
itself from Production SAP without affecting the hot patches (Probably
Not), But I had to ask.

Any thoughts?



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