04502 - Problems in Prepare before 3.1I upgrade

04502 - Problems in Prepare before 3.1I upgrade

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Problems in Prepare before 3.1I upgrade

--- In SAP on System iZy..., SushilSZb... wrote:
Hi Sushil

If you have not found nothing,maybe can be PTFs of OS/400,you can see
in site support IBM about APAR II12399 that is R/3 SUPPORT REQUIRED
PTF LIST FOR V4R5M0 and if your AS400 is not at that level you can
order cumulative PTFs and DB fix pack and update OS/400
another possibilty is the kernel level.

> Hello all,
> We run SAP release 3.1H on an IBM AS400 platform with operating
> release V4R5.
> I am in the process of testing the 31I upgrade in our Test
environment, and
> am experiencing problems in the PREPARE phase.
> I am following the upgrade instructions from the " Upgrade to 3.1I
> Release 1: IBM AS400" manual.
> When I run the PREPARE command, it terminates at the SINXCHK phase.
The log
> file SINXCHK.XUT is not created at this stage so I do not know
where the
> problem lies. The log file CHECKS.LOG at this stage only has
> messages, so again I am not able to identify exactly where the
error lies.
> The log file R3UPCHK.LOG has only the start time for the SINXCHK
phase but
> no Dialogue or finish time.
> The instruction manual suggests that I should check consistency of
> of Substitution tables. I have done this through transaction SE14
and I
> still do not see the problem. I have also looked in OSS notes and
did not
> find any information relating to this problem.
> I located some AS400 error messages which read as follows:
> 1. " A pointer was used, either directly or as a basing pointer,
> has not been set to an address."
> 2. "An exception occurred and was not handled. The name of the
> to which the un-handled exception is sent is R3UPOS4 R3UPPFKTNS
> put_gen_xname."
> Has anyone come across this problem before or could you advise as
to where I
> should be looking for this problem.
> All help will be greatly appreciated.
> Regards
> Sushil Sinha
> e-mail : sushilsZb...

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