04507 - Remote Outq Wait Value

04507 - Remote Outq Wait Value

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Remote Outq Wait Value

Hi Mike, this was one of my problem here at Thomson and I was told to set the
timeout value on the printer to 3600 and hopefully this will solve the problem.
To set the value you telnet to the IP address and type TIMEOUT: 3600 then type
quit. Hope this help. Let me know if it did.

Crosby Sinclair
SAP/AS400 System Administrator
Thomson Industries Inc.
E-mail csinclairZt...
Phone (516) 944-1337
Fax (516) 883-8012

>>> "Mike Martin, IS-NA, AOSOLA" <MMartinZa...> 01/08 1:42 PM >>>
Happy New Year Everyone!

We are having problems with duplicate printing of large print jobs. We have
our SAP printers configured as remote outqs. When a very large spool file
is sent to a printer, the printer often cancels partially through the print
job and resends the entire job. My guess is that there are networking
problems with our frame relay connection causing delays which exceed a
timeout value set for the remote outq.

If I'm correct in my assessment, does anyone know what this timeout value is
and can recommend a higher value for us? Otherwise, any other ideas on (1)
what's causing this phenomenon and (2) what we can do to fix/circumvent this

Thanks in advance,
Mike D. Martin
SAP Basis Administrator
707-763-9911 x6106
email: <mailto:mmartinZs...>

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