04520 - AS/400 - 740 for Sale

04520 - AS/400 - 740 for Sale

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AS/400 - 740 for Sale

All, Anyone looking for a second hand AS/400? Very Good Condition,
supplier to cover Transportation worries.

This is an ideal opportunity for those looking to create a separate
testing environment for future msap/enterprise upgrade testing or indeed
an opportunity to upgrade your existing hardware configuration at a
significant discount

REASON FOR SALE. Supplier is currently upgrading to new hardware.


AS/400 740

Total Physical Memory 12 GB
Total Disk 505 GB

CPU Type and speed IBM 740 #2070 12-Way Processor ( 4550 CPW )
#1509 - interactive Feature ( 1050 CPW )

Network cards 2 Cards #2838 Ethernet 100/10
#2699 Two line WAN IOA

There are a lot of different Cards - At least one V35 cards etc ( Point
to Point Lines )

Attatched is the hardware resource listing.

The original price was in the region of $1m (USD).

A substantial discount is available for any sensible offers

If anyone is interested please contact by reply.


Rae Lockyer
Axon Centre
Church Road, Egham
Surrey. TW20 9QB

+44 (0)1784 480736
+44 (0) 7973 275030

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