04521 - SAP Marketplace replaces sapservX soon

04521 - SAP Marketplace replaces sapservX soon

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SAP Marketplace replaces sapservX soon

I prefer the old method via sapservx too.

"allerner" <a_lernerZw...> on 09/01/2002 18:19:42

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cc: (bcc: Kurt Hansing/PTH/CBH)
Subject: Re: SAP Marketplace replaces sapservX soon

--- In SAP on System iZy..., "Zeilfelder, Thomas" <t.zeilfelderZs...>
> Alexander Lerner wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a question to download over the marketplace. It works fine
(but for
> the fact that all the patches are dated with 11.12.2001), but I
> find in OSS any note with a description, what schould be done with
this .
> Hi Alexander,
> APYR3FIX needs a savefile to install a patch. The patches on
sapservX and
> marketplace are savefiles. If you download these files to your PC
you have
> to copy them into savefiles on AS/400. You can do this with ftp
> c:\patches> ftp as400
> User <sid>ofr
> Password: ******
> bin
> put kernel.svf /qsys.lib/qgpl.lib/kernel.savf
> quit
> Now you can use APYR3FIX SID(<sid>) SAVF(QGPL/KERNEL) ... GETSAVF
(*NO) to
> install the patch.
> Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for you answer. Anyway, it seems me to be not the most
elegant way one could probably imagine. And it is even less
convinient than the old (very old) method of ftp-downloading
directly from sapserv into SAVFile.

Now one has to put it somewhere locally and then - once again -
upload it with ftp...

I wish I still had the way over sapserv...



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