04551 - Converting from AS/400 to NT/Unix

04551 - Converting from AS/400 to NT/Unix

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Converting from AS/400 to NT/Unix

Make sure they're aware that they probably won't be using NT disk
manager to manage their DASD. Can you imagine trying to manually
administer 400GB of DASD in NT (not to mention performance!)? The
likely proposed solution will be something like EMC, I'd suspect -
very slick, very pricey, and also not trivial to administer (probably
requiring, in addition to the expected requirement for a dedicated
DBA, a serious invesment in a person or persons with specialized DASD

When we considered it, it caused me to have a much higher
appreciation for all the stuff the AS400 does from a systems
management perspective. It's such a superious platform...too bad its
not better marketed.

--- In SAP on System iZy..., "mattmilneZE..." <mattmilneZe...> wrote:
> Hi
> I was speaking to a company who are considering moving from the
AS/400 to a NT/Oracle system. Asssuming that this is a rational
decision (just for the sake of argument) has anyone done this ? I am
doing a little research to find out what step would be needed and
what the problems would be. Any help would be appreciated.
> Matt Milne
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