04557 - R3save

04557 - R3save

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Hi Crosby,

I would definitely recommend to use a SAVLIB with SAVE-WHILE-ACTIVE with a
waittime of about 1800 or 3600 seconds similar as described in note 202593.
Then you do NOT need to stopsap and restart it.

You are having the following advantages then:
- "downtime" of about 2 minutes, if no long running batch-jobs run in
parallel ("downtime" means here just the windows-clock in the SAPGUI for
about 2 minutes and afterwards it will run furhter!)
- all SAP-buffers are still filled with useful data and the system will be
faster then with restarting every night, especially in a 3-tier environment.
- all users could stay logged on
- 7x24 availability of the system



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