04558 - R3save

04558 - R3save

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Hi Crosby,

why is "restore" a problem ???
The backup is completely consistent in itself and it does NOT need
journal-receivers. You can't differeciate an offline backup from a
successfull online-backup on the tape. That means that the contents of the
tape is completely the same and the restore is as easy.

Performance ?
At the moment, you are stopping SAP for 4-5 hours for the backup so that
nothing can run on that system in that timeframe. So, it should be not too
busy during this timeframe on your system, if you'd leave it up. You are
right, it may be useful to put the batch workload to a time-window at the
end or perhaps behind the backup, but this will definitely run fine and not
a lot longer than the offline backup.

I would say, you should give it a chance and you will be surprised how good
this method works. Up to now I recommended this to a lot of customers that
had problems with there backup before and all are satisfied after this



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