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Hi Volker,

We will definitely pay close attention on memory as your suggested! Thank

We are running 46C with almost all the business modules. The headquarter of
the business, also the data center, is located in Plymouth, MI, USA, and
there are plants in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, etc. Please check for more info.

Thank you again,

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Hi Qiang,

what SAP release are you running ?
You should keep an eye on the extended memory usage in ST02 as this
increases linear with the users.
I would say there won't be any problem in your environment in point of
performance as the system is really "oversized" except perhaps for memory.
This is hard to say, it will probably be enough memory in there, but it may
turn out, that you should increase it. I really can't say, what to tell you
here. IBM has newly such a system: Memory on "try&buy" base. Then you could
order the memory a bit before your last roll-out-step, put it to another
memory pool, so that is can't be used and if it turns out to be needed, you
could add it to the base-ppol. If not, you can give it back after a few

Where are you located ?



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