04599 - Deleting Old transport logs

04599 - Deleting Old transport logs

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Deleting Old transport logs


The filename should be case sensitive. It looks like it couldn't open the
file. Try that in capital again.

Zhihong Zhao
SAP Certified Basis Consultant

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Sorry about that. I'm on 3.1I and yes I did do the check first and it ended
with error code 0. The screen log states:

E-tpparam could not be opened.
tp finished with return code: 212
could not access file as supposed
Press ENTER to end terminal session.

It didn't create any job log but in the WRKJOB it states that:
tp 'clearold all pf=tpparam'
tp aborted due to errors. Exit code 0212.

Crosby Sinclair
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>>> "Gueldenpfennig, Volker" <volker.gueldenpfennigZs...> 01/16 10:21 AM
Hi Crosby,

What release are you on ?
You did the CHECK before ? Was this OK ?

What is the screen-log of the TP CLEAROLD and what is the joblog of this ?



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