04620 - New note 484548 for all 3-Tier customers

04620 - New note 484548 for all 3-Tier customers

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New note 484548 for all 3-Tier customers

They are roughly the same in performance, the 1GB ethernet does not become
a bottleneck.

Opti connect SW costs additional money. You probably need an expansion
With the new HSL (high speed link) capability in V5R1, you can opti connect
systems together if you want,
but the maximum physical distance between them is small, as is the maximum
number of boxes that can
be connected together.

GB Ethernet is has enough bandwidth, for much less cost, with little pain.

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"Lindner, Thomas" <Thomas.LindnerZe...> on 01/17/2002 08:49:32 AM

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Subject: AW: RE: New note 484548 for all 3-Tier customers

Hi Volker,
are u sure that a connection with opticonnect/optimover between DB and
is slower than over GB Ethernet ??

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> customers
> Hi Doreen,
> so, you are obviously using 3-Tier over TCP/IP because I can see
> If you are using TCP/IP over opticonnect, this is not the fastest
> solution,
> if you are using TCP/IP over GigaBit Ethernet, this setting of the
> parameter
> dbs/db4/da_cache_size (not known in RZ10!!!) is recommended as workaround
> at
> the moment, because otherwise you can have really ugly errors on all
> Appl-servers. Obviously you don't see them at the moment. That is just
> good
> luck. IBM is working on a PTF against this. Then we will change the note
> accordingly.
> The other think with the wrong or correct configuration of 2-tier and
> 3-tier
> is unfortunately a slight translation error. I already asked my collegue
> (irish) to stop by when she has some time, that we can discuss a better
> translation. There is just missing, that this only reflects to the
> instances, that are on the DB-Server. So, everything is configured
> on your site, as you are having the central instance with same names
> (2-tier) and the remote instances with QXDARECVR (3-tier).
> Hope this helps
> Volker

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