04621 - New note 484548 for all 3-Tier customers

04621 - New note 484548 for all 3-Tier customers

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New note 484548 for all 3-Tier customers

GB Ethenet is not faster than Opticonnect ( I dont think that is what
Volker meant, but I will let him speak for himself), but it is less
expensive at roughly the same performance, so this is our current
recommended solution for any 3 tier system that supports GB Ethernet. 7xx
systems cannot support GB Ethernet.

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Thomas" To: "Gueldenpfennig, Volker"
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Subject: AW: RE:
New note 484548 for all 3-Tier
17.01.02 15:49 customers

Please respond

to SAP on System i

Hi Volker,
are u sure that a connection with opticonnect/optimover between DB and
is slower than over GB Ethernet ??

> Best Regards/mit freundlichem Gruss
> Thomas Lindner
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> Betreff: RE: RE: New note 484548 for all 3-Tier
> customers
> Hi Doreen,
> so, you are obviously using 3-Tier over TCP/IP because I can see
> If you are using TCP/IP over opticonnect, this is not the fastest
> solution,
> if you are using TCP/IP over GigaBit Ethernet, this setting of the
> parameter
> dbs/db4/da_cache_size (not known in RZ10!!!) is recommended as workaround
> at
> the moment, because otherwise you can have really ugly errors on all
> Appl-servers. Obviously you don't see them at the moment. That is just
> good
> luck. IBM is working on a PTF against this. Then we will change the note
> accordingly.
> The other think with the wrong or correct configuration of 2-tier and
> 3-tier
> is unfortunately a slight translation error. I already asked my collegue
> (irish) to stop by when she has some time, that we can discuss a better
> translation. There is just missing, that this only reflects to the
> instances, that are on the DB-Server. So, everything is configured
> on your site, as you are having the central instance with same names
> (2-tier) and the remote instances with QXDARECVR (3-tier).
> Hope this helps
> Volker

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