04626 - Downloading from SAPERV4

04626 - Downloading from SAPERV4

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Downloading from SAPERV4

Since the 6.10 cd does not have the complete program for Interactive Excel
(note 449444), I am trying to download the latest program from SAPSERV4. I
keep getting errors when trying to download the program (install.exe) to my
PC. I haven't downloaded from SAPSERV4 in a while but I cannot find the
software at the Software center web page.

Can anyone give me some pointers or maybe the location on SAPNET?


Chris Sugg
SAP Basis Administrator
NACCO Materials Handling Group
1400 Sullivan Drive
Greenville, NC 27834-2011
Phone: (252) 695-1912
Fax #: (252) 931-0934

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