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Hi Doreen,

Thank you very much for suggesting the EarlyWatch service!

The first Go-Live was May 1st, 2001. And we are still working on integrating
more plants into the system.

The common transactions are some IW* and Z* transactions. We do enter sales
orders into SAP, and each sales document has about 4.6 line items on

PlastiPak Basis Admin

--- In SAP on System iZy..., "Anderson, Doreen" <dandersoZb...> wrote:
> Hi Plastipak Basis Team,
> We have similar user counts & dialog steps but run a 3 tier shop.
> Curious as to how long you've been live since your DB is 61gb. Our DB
grows 10gb per month during our peak business periods. You've got plenty of
disk, but at some point your DB access times will change & if you written
any custom code performance issues may surface after your DB gets larger.
The optimizer will make different decisions on how to build sql packages
> I know you are a manufacturing company, not sure how the transactions
would differ from us (we are a Sales & Distribution company).
> The other item, what is the most common transaction the users are
entering? Are sales orders entered? If yes, how many line items are
typically contained on a sales order?
> I highly recommend SAP's free service of weekly Early Watch Alerts.
> You get line graphs which show a 20 week history of
> Total dialog steps
> Total steps
> Avg. response times
> Avg. DB time
> Doreen Anderson
> Ball Horticultural Company
> dandersoZb...
> (630) 231-3600 x3214

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