04653 - Problem saving entire system

04653 - Problem saving entire system

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Problem saving entire system

Hi Klaus,

I might want to check on that with PID.

Do you have a job log or CPF message?


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From: Klaus Lindegaard (RWDK)
To: 'Jim Doll' ; 'SAP AS/400 Discussion Group' (E-mail)
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2002 12:10 PM
Subject: SV: Problem saving entire system

Yes seems to be a user owning to manny files in IFS, SAVSECDTA does not work


Sorry shor message deleting at the moment

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Fra: Jim Doll [mailto:JDOLLZp...]
Sendt: 18. januar 2002 21:07
Til: klaus.lindegaardZr...
Emne: Re: Problem saving entire system

I looked at HELP for SAVLIB command and didn't see a similar message. I see
problems with machine storage and user storage, but nothing that says "too
many files."

If you look at the joblog and find the message, does it give a message
number? "CPF...." or similar? Any help on the message available?

Jim Doll, Perrigo

>>> klaus.lindegaardZr... 01/18/02 01:41PM >>>
Hi all - urgent help needed

on save of entire system we get the error to manny files or
databasemembers on the save

Does anyone know the sollution to this - we are on V4R5M0


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