04656 - Authorization/user tables during upgrade

04656 - Authorization/user tables during upgrade

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Authorization/user tables during upgrade

When is your (DEV) development system scheduled for upgrade to 4.6C? That is
where you would want to be doing the work that you would then transport
downstream once Production is upgraded.

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Subject: Authorization/user tables during upgrade

Hello all. Short question and wondering how others have handled this.
We are upgrading from 3.1i to 4.6c. We have a test box where we are
doing upgrade cycles to hopefully eliminate most of the surprises on
go-live weekend(+/-). So we now have a 4.6c system from a 3.1i
upgrade of our production system.

Question is how to preserve user and authorization tables in between
upgrade cycles so all work isn't lost in creating and testing
activity groups/roles. Has anyone experiences or advice? Can the
associated tables be saved and later restored after a second or third
cycle. The intent would be to transport or even restore the tables
to the production system (4.6c) at go live.

Thanks John

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