04675 - Re-2: R3save

04675 - Re-2: R3save

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Re-2: R3save

Hi Thomas,

What means "need" ?
You only "need" trhe R3SIDDATA, but I would say, it is highly recommended to
have a backup of the IFS as well, because otherwise it makes the recovery
process a lot worse.
Especially it shouldn't be any problem, to do the backup of the IFS with the
following command pretty easy:
SAV DEV(&DEVPATH) OBJ(('/usr/sap/*') +
('/sapmnt/*')) SUBTREE(*ALL) +
monmsg cpf0000

You won't backup open files, but these are normally only tracefiles like
dev-traces and so on. Everything else should run pretty easy.

The only point, you could observe, that you get "3029=ressource busy" in
that time in your SAP system, if running batch-jobs and creating spoolfiles.
But if you do the backup of IFS at the beginning, it is recommended anyway
to have only a few or none batch-jobs running, because otherwise you could
encounter problems with the reaching of the commit-point for your SAVLIB.



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