04690 - Postings to mag.linz-server

04690 - Postings to mag.linz-server

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Postings to mag.linz-server

Hi all,

it seems to be that within the last month more and more colleagues decided
to join the SAP on System i group. Which is ok, they have the right to do so.

Others keep workin with mag.linz, as I do. The reason in my case is, that
our environment doesn't support a connection to the internet while my
workstation has active intranet sessions (i.e. when I enter the internet to
access SAP on System i, all my active sessions like SAP, Telnet etc. are
cancelled and it's a pain to reconnect and logon again all the sessions
again several times a day). So it is very convenient to receive postings
from mag.linz via MS Outlook in the background while doing my base works.

But meanwhile more and more mails are originally addressed to SAP on System i
but not to mag.linz, as it was suggested by Rudi and Volker when
SAP on System i came alive. So today I get many answers from mag.linz, but the
corresponding questions were sent to SAP on System i and I receive them with a
delay of up to one day with my daily digest.

Since all mails sent to mag.linz are automatically routed to SAP on System i
but not vice versa, I would be glad when we could reach a common base of

I wonder, what the groups opinion is ?

Franz Lehnardt
AS/400 & R/3 Basis Administration
EGG IT Services GmbH
Eschborn, Germany

Just to refresh your mind, here is what Volker wrote in Dec. 2000:

.... Currently there are about 250 people attached to a mailing-list in Linz
with the adress:
sap400Zm... <mailto:sap400Zm...>
and about 70 people attaached to the eGroup. So there is currently a
crossposting from the Linz-List to the eGroup but NOT vice versa because
this woul lead to a loop. As the things are seen from more people over the
Linz-list, it might be useful to send the e-mails always to the Linz-List to
sap400Zm... <mailto:sap400Zm...> . Then they become archieved
in the eGroup as well and EVERYBODY can read them and not only the ones that
use the eGroup.
When there are really strong problems at SAP then it does make sense to open
an OSS-message and when these are IBM-problems then you should open a PMR at
IBM. You can then perhaps as ADD-on write a mail to sap400Zm...
<mailto:sap400Zm...> .
Volker Gueldenpfennig

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