04693 - Postings to mag.linz-server

04693 - Postings to mag.linz-server

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Postings to mag.linz-server

I agree with Franz on this, I personally find the service offered by mag.linz
better than the SAP on System i eGroup. However I felt I had to change to the
eGroup simply so the emails made sense, this is disappointing as the whole
purpose of using the eGroup was to provide an archive for the mag.linz listserv
not to move en-masse to eGroups. By posting directly to sap400Zm... your
question will also go to a wider audience leading to a greater chance of a quick
answer as the question gets posted to both the listserv and eGroup. Maybe the
system needs changing so everyone posts to and this
is forwarded to the mag.linz listserv? Either way a standard needs to be picked
by the group and then adhered to.

Just my 2 euro cents worth

Steve Dearman
Thomson IBL Company
Whiddon Valley
Devon, EX32 8TH
P:01271 334547
F:01271 334501

>>> "Lehnardt, Franz" <franz.lehnardtZe...> 01/22 3:07 pm >>>
Hi all,

it seems to be that within the last month more and more colleagues decided
to join the SAP on System i group. Which is ok, they have the right to do so
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