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I am investigating about a solution for a customer :

(*) A 3-tier R/3 (1 DB Server, 1 IC Server and 2 AP Server) have a proper
load balance.
(*) The IC Server is a dedicated server as IC (message, queue, update,
spool and batch)
(*) The AP Server are dedicated server for dialog and spool.
(*) Many users have IP Address for IC Server and many prefer use directly
to IC server
instead using the load balacing icon (only connect to any of two
application servers).

Not yet I have a good solution in spite of the fact I have some ideas and
yours may
have some technique, tip or knowldedge to point out.

My ideas are:
1) Customize the form of operation of IC server so that during daytime, the
no. dialog work
process is zero. I feel it somewhat uncomfortable.
2) Desactivate the restart and cancel to all dialog work process of central
server. Activate it whenever it is necessary but it is not a good solution.
3) Maybe, user security has some hidden functionality that controls the
to use to determinated server (Example : JohnUser is authorized to use the
application servers 1 and 2 only and not the instance server (johnuser :
ic_host_PRD_01 : no,
johnuser : ap_host1_02 : yes, johnuser : ap_host2_03 : yes.

Thank you in advance for your ideas/solutions.

Rodolfo F. Neuhaus
IBM Certified I/T Specialist/SAP Basis Consultant
IBM Global Services
Lima - Perú
WAP: rneuhausZt...
Cellular phone: 962-1790 (accept short messages)
e-mail : rneuhausZp...

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