04724 - DB tables name

04724 - DB tables name

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DB tables name

--- In SAP on System iZy..., Zhihong Zhao <zhaozZd...> wrote:
>Shlomo, another suggestion is to do a SQL select at the AS/400 level
on table SYSTABLES in your database library. SYSTABLES is the SQL
file that contains all SAP table names. Select where TABLE_NAME
= "table name in SAP"....

Then look for the column labelled SYSTEM_TABLE_NAME...this will bethe
actual AS/400 table name that corresponds with what you see in SE11.

Bob DeSaulniers
IBM Global Services
IT Infrastructure Practice

> Use the first 4 characters plus * as wildcard to find the tables.
Look at
> the file description for Alternative file name. The Alternative
file name
> should be the SAP table name.
> Regards
> Zhihong Zhao
> SAP Certified Basis Consultant
> DairyFarmers
> IS Department
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> From: ShlomodZe... [mailto:ShlomodZe...]
> Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2002 3:25
> To: sap400Zm...
> Subject: DB tables name
> hi all,
> Is any one knows how to find the data base file name, in the AS/400
> of tables in R/3 that have more than 10 character ??
> Shlomo Daniel
> Elite Industries Ltd.
> Tel. +972-3-6752459
> Fax: +972-3-6752114
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