04746 - System Copies and Open Transports

04746 - System Copies and Open Transports

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System Copies and Open Transports


The only object typically restored is R3PRDDATA which is restored to
R3TSTDATA. Therefore, no IFS objects are replace/refreshed. Because of
this, the TST buffer is the same after the copy as before.

Secondly, I don't use TMS to import requests, only to maintain transport
routes and system data. I typically have over 100 transports 'open' during
and after the copy. I have never experienced a problem with this, perhaps
because I'm still importing at the OS level???

The only downside to not closing all transports prior to the refresh is that
you have to reimport all requests that were previously brought to TST but
not PRD. These requests will have to be manually added to the buffer and a
'u1' force mode is required.

Mike D. Martin
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Had a question concerning a system refresh of our TST system from PRD. I
know that you cannot have any open transports for the copy because of not
being able to configure TMS if any exists.

My question is when you create the new TST data base with the SQL command
and then do the restore from PRD, does the transport buffer in
'/usr/sap/trans/buffer' get populated with any transports that were in PRD?
If that is the case, why can't you why can't you still restore the PRD data
base with any open transports and then simply delete the TST buffer and the
restore and before SE06?


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