04750 - ABAP SELECT Inner Joins + V4R5M0 - UPDATE

04750 - ABAP SELECT Inner Joins + V4R5M0 - UPDATE

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Thanks, all, who responded to my message. But my customer now has a huge

It seems there is a problem in V4R5, DB Fix Pack #11 with extremely large
SQL statements. We originally thought that the was a problem with the ABAP
SELECT...INNER JOIN statement and the SQL Optimizer, but we found out (from
IBM) that extremely large SQL statements are exceeding the size of their
internal table at the DB level. They constructed a PTF for us which broke
this SQL statement into pieces, then reconstructed before executing it in
the DB. Unfortunately, they are able to do this on a case-by-case level,
and each subsequent problem has to be addressed by IBM individually.

This, of course, is a dangerous situation, as we cannot know what statement
will halt at the DB level next.

I guess my question is: Is there another customer out there who is running
V4R5, DB Fix Pack #11, all current PTFs? We are a 3-tier productive client
(but I don't think this makes a difference). Our options are quite limited,
as it looks like we cannot backup to DB Fix Pack #10, or back to V4R4, for
that matter.

Thanks, all. I will keep you posted.

Brian Zugel
SAP America



We have "Another Weird One" ...

We have a custom ABAP program which executes an SQL SELECT with an INNER
JOIN of the SD Delivery Header + Detail tables. This program worked fine
and ran for a little over 1 minute until our upgrade from V4R4 to V4R5 over
the weekend. Now when this program executes, this statement "hangs".

I checked to make sure we 1) deleted the SQL Packages, and 2) applied the
APAR for V4R5. I'm running an SQL Trace now. After this, I have *no* idea
what else to check for. So far, we've seen no other impact on the system
(fingers crossed).

Anyone else seen this kind of behavior before? If so, what did you do?


Brian Zugel
SAP America

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