04751 - Reorganizing SAP tables

04751 - Reorganizing SAP tables

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Reorganizing SAP tables

Hi Matt,

dod you really think, that you "win" a lot space with this weekly schedule,
especially if you tell that the 10-20 "top" tablesare always the same ?
I think, these are just the tables, that get new records and then get
deleted complete because they are e.g. interface-tables. I think, it would
be very interesting, what happens, if you get rid of RGZPFM one week and
have a look, if after 2 weeks, the deleted stuff got doubled or was nearly
the same.

If it was nearly the same, this would indicate, that this is just normal
systembehaviour and nothing is increasing here.

Please keep in mind, that we are using REUSEDLTRCD(*YES). That means, that
at least most of the records should become reused instead of staying around
for weeks and increasing the amount of deleted records.

What are the tables and how do they behave in 1 week and in 2 weeks ?



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