04805 - Upgrade V4R5 --> V5R1

04805 - Upgrade V4R5 --> V5R1

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Upgrade V4R5 --> V5R1

Hi fellow SAPlings,
this is a recommendation for all of you who have not yet upgraded the

Last Saturday I did an upgrade from our production system from V4R5 to V5R1
with the automatic installation procedure.
After a few minutes I get system-reference code C6004065 which says IPL is
But this is not a status message, it is an error message and the system
hangs and the only way to recover this
is to do a manuell IPL and upgrade with the manuell installation procedure.
The reason for this error was (detected by an IBM service representant),
that the 3570 tape drive was not offline, and so the system was looking for
a CD in the tape drive.

Therefore you should absolutely vary off the tape drive before starting the
upgrade process.

kind regards
Karl Grauer

Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics
August-Haeusser-Str. 10
DE 74080 Heilbronn
phone: +49 7131/929327

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