04816 - ifstools for V5R1M0

04816 - ifstools for V5R1M0

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ifstools for V5R1M0

Dear All,

wenn I want to install sap on AS/400-V5R1M0, I noticed the sap notes-
328802 to mention for the 'IBM Tools EDTF and SQLUTIL'. At the same
time I noticed too for the 'AS/400 Tools for the Integrated File
System(IFS)(' note:

Note: Starting with release V4R4, several of the tools have been
integrated into OS/400 or replaced by equivalent functions. The
remaining tools of
interest to SAP customers are available with the QGPTOOLS PTF listed
in the Info Apar. So it really should not be necessary for you to
download these tools (but you're welcome to if you want).

So, I want to ask you: if you installed sap on v5r1m0,need you import
the 'ifstools.bin' to as/400? Thanks.


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