04830 - Database inconsistencies

04830 - Database inconsistencies

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Database inconsistencies

Hi group,
I seem to have some database inconsistencies on our QA system (4.0B,
kernel 887, SP 69 on 730 with 4.5.0).
One of our programmers created a table ZSAP_FILE_PC. We did the
transport to QA, which finished with 0. However, when displaying the
table in SE11 I get a message "Table ZSAP_FILE_PC does not exist in
database". I went into SE14 and the create database button was
active. However trying to create the database fails with a message
that the table already exists.
I checked on OS level and sure enough I find a table ZSAP_00003 with
contraint "ZSAP_FILE_PC+0".
We have the same problem with some other tables (with similar table
names) as well.
How do I now "activate" my table in R/3?
Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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