04846 - Disconnection error

04846 - Disconnection error

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Disconnection error

Hi Crosby-
We had the very same errors about a year and a half ago. We have 16
locations in NA connected to our corporate HQ sharing a single T-1.
Most locations are small Sales Offices so 56K bandwidth was ample.
But they kept getting disconnected in the same manner as your post.

We tried everything, kernel patches, time out settings in RZ10, and
even as far as playing around with IP Packet sizes in Windows.
Nothing worked so we brought in a IBM Network hotshot complete with
network analyzer (Sniffer) equipment.

It turned out that our router's CSU/DSU settings were not in synch.
The CSU/DSU can be set to get their timing from either the equipment
or the network. We had variations in the setteings. They should all
be set to network timing. Maybe your equipment has gotten out of
synch. It would be worth looking into.

When we made the revisions all our problems went away. Hope it helps
you. It drove me crazy....John

--- In SAP on System iZy..., "Crosby Sinclair" <csinclaiZt...> wrote:
> Hello fellow saplings,
> Once again I turn to you guys for assistance in solving a problem.
The problem is as follows: I'm an a 3.1I system, kennel patch 598,
hotpack level 67. I am receiving the following error:
> Operating system call recv failed (error no. 3426 )
> User 292 (FBADGER ), terminal 132 (mitac2 ) disconnected
> Each time the user is disconnected he can not see the network. I
have search on OSS for anything that would help and found nothing
describing the above. I have told my WAN guy that this is more of a
communication problem with the user interface with the routers and
switches but he insist that it's a SAP/AS400 problem. I have
exhausted IBM and now I'm turning to this group for any advise or
comment that might help or confirm my suspicion. Thanking you in
> Crosby Sinclair
> SAP/AS400 System Administrator
> Thomson Industries Inc.
> Internet
> E-mail csinclairZt...
> Phone (516) 944-1337
> Fax (516) 944-7505

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