04857 - SU25 Performance

04857 - SU25 Performance

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SU25 Performance

We are in the process of coverting 31H to 46C in a test instance.
Hopefully this is some of our final testing prior to the real thing.
SU25, the Upgrade Tool for the Profile Generator takes you utimately
to the PFCG's Change Role: Authorizations. We are having performance
problems with that aspect of this process. Without an error
situation OSS will do nothing. Search of OSS hasn't revealed
anthing. I did see some heavy buffer swaps in ST02, so I adjusted
the instance profile to agree with the paramaters in the 'Upgrade to
46C doc' under our groups files area. That appears to help the
buffer issue, but the performance in this function is still an
issue. For other transactions, performance has not been a problem.
The program acts like it reloads the entire role everytime you click
on anything. How anybody ran into this? I hope someone has an idea
of the problem.

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