04862 - Migrating 40B from AS/400 to NT

04862 - Migrating 40B from AS/400 to NT

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Migrating 40B from AS/400 to NT

Guess what! the 40B version of R3LOAD does not like blank lines with
a "carriage return" & "line feed" in the control files and command
files as they are FTP'd from the AS/400. It really only likes "line
feeds". Solution is to save the .TPL & .STR files as UNIX via
SAPPAD.exe. This is in a OSS note somewhere.

Thanks for the help.

Phillip Pugh
Webco Ind. Inc.
--- In SAP on System iZy..., "welchraider" <ppughZw...> wrote:
> Hi all SAP experts,
> I know this is more an NT question than an iseries, but I know many
> of you have vast more experience then I do.
> Our migration is failing on the R3LOAD step in NT. We get the
> following in the log:
> INFO 2002-01-30 10:33:36 DBR3LOADEXEC_NT_MSS SyCoprocessCreate:1148
> Creating coprocess R3load ...
> ERROR 2002-01-30 10:33:36 DBR3LOADEXEC_NT_MSS R3loadFork:0
> RC code form SyChildFuncWait = -1 .
> There is a similar error in OSS, but it pertains to Informix &
> installing via a server, which is not our case. Our exported data
> in a local directory.
> Thanks,
> Phillip Pugh
> Webco Industries, Inc.

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