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04870 - sapparam(as400)sapparam(as400)sapparam(as400)...

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a few days ago I also installed patches for kernel, lib_dbsl, tp and
r3trans. Since then we get an error-message after every import (with
TMS) into our production system:

tp terminated with error-code 0211
error: no info about transport request found

When I pick the last line in the TMS-Alert-Viewer, I read the following:

This is tp version 305.12.42 (release 46D) for ANY database
ERROR: TS1K914428 : couldn't locate TA-info in .../cofiles
(illegal format detected)

I'm quite sure that this is caused by the patches for tp and/or r3trans.
I will open an OSS-ticket for this and let you know the solution for this

Kind regards,
Michael Rautenberg

SAP R/3 Systems Administrator
Van Houten GmbH & Co. KG

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Greetings saplings,

V4R5, 4,0B, kernel patch 899, tp patch 52(53). After installing the kernel
patch and other patches, I get a screen full of the subject message whenever
I run a tp 'import DEVKxxxxx...' Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Is this another one of those "it's a nuisance but not a real problem" deals?
(it appears to be - the logs in R/3 seem to pretty normal). The return code
is also followed by a screen full of these so I have to roll back up (or
exit tp and check the message line) in order to see the return code. Yes, I
deleted all SQL packages after the installation. Unfortunately, yes I also
installed some PTF's during the same session in order to get up to the level
of the APAR.


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