04873 - Delete Change Request

04873 - Delete Change Request

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Delete Change Request


I think the table you want is E070 from your R3<sid>DATA library. From
here, just search for the request in field TRKORR. We have used a SQL
command from the OS side to delete records before.

Just be careful not to delete any good transports that you want to keep.

Good luck,

-----Original Message-----
From: mick sf [mailto:sfmick95Zy...]
Sent: Friday, February 01, 2002 1:51 AM
Subject: Delete Change Request

Hi Saplings

I am trying to apply the support package into our
system. It has failed during the import phase as there
are repairs done previously and yet to be released.
Apparently all those repairs was carried out in client
100 which has already been dropped sometime ago. My
question is how can I delete those change requests
affecting the application of hot packages.

we are running 4.6C on V5R1 and Kerenl patch 922.

thanks & regards


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