04890 - PREPARE CD mount points

04890 - PREPARE CD mount points

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PREPARE CD mount points

In previous PREPARES testing I could not get the mount points by
creating directories to work. So I just manually mounted the CD's in
our drive, but now I'm doing a final test of QA8 from our QAS before
the real thing, and I need to make this work. I don't want to mount
a CD at 2am in the morning.

I thought I had discovered the problem of the QA8OFR needing specific
authority to the directories. That is a change I made from previous
PREPARES. In the PREPARE running now the load CD is in OPT01,
the `Upgrade Data CD 1 of 5' was found in our directory UPGRADECDS,
and a SAR was extracted from there. But it asked for the mount
points again when coming to the `Upgrade Data CD 2 of 5'. Has anyone
had this problem and know the solution?

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