04901 - Email from SAP

04901 - Email from SAP

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Email from SAP

Hi, folks.

I picked up on some correspondence regarding sending Email from SAP to the
internet. Jim Doll has uploaded an easy-to-read document on the group site,
but I need to know whether the same steps can be followed for a 3.1I
system. The main difference would be the SCON vs. SCOT transaction, but are
there other differences I need to know about.

We have an SMTP server on our network (behind a firewall) that I apparantly
need to send the messages/Emails to and not directly onto the internet. I
can't find any detailed instructions anywhere for setting up the AS/400
and/or R/3 system to enable this functionality. The OSS notes, IBM
documentation and SAP Online Help are spinning me in circles here! Can
someone please help?

Much appreciated - thanks!

Des Olwage
Snr. Systems Administrator
Goodyear South Africa
Tel. +27 41 5055441
Cell. +27 82 824 6900

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