04907 - Advice needed for sizing...

04907 - Advice needed for sizing...

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Advice needed for sizing...

Hi All,

We're running SAP R/3 4.6B on AS/400, and our server is 9406-830, 4
CPU's, ( CPU char. 23D1, 2402 ) with 12 GBytes of main memory and
400GB in ASP.

We've actually 350 users online, with an average of 30.000 dialog
steps per hour, and we've performance problems. And we plan to have
more users in next months. Now, we're doing an analysis an
preliminary results show a CPU bottleneck basically ( there are other
issues... ).

We're planning a hdw upgrade to solve this but we want to know which
options we have. Exists any sizing table for iSeries ? Exists any way
to get an overview about sizing ?

We now that SAP provides the Quick Sizer in the SAP Marketplace, but
we need a quick answer and the QS provides a good result with good
data and we don't have time to collect it.

Best regards,
Joan B. Altadill

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