04931 - licensce key

04931 - licensce key

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licensce key

Hello Jan.

Last year we went to Sungard D/R Site in Philadelphia and did a D/R test run
for our SAP systems. I think the command I used was SAPLICENSE '-TEMP' to
try and apply a temp key for the test machines but I could not get it to
work. I ended up calling SAP's Help Desk (for us 800-677-7271, then options
2, 2, 2). From here I opened a ticket and the tech support person emailed
me the temp keys to use. The problem it seems with the '-TEMP' command was
that I was signed on as QSECOFR and not <sid>ofr. I have been told it will
work once you signon as <sid>ofr but I have not had a chance to test this

Good luck,

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You can install a test license - works for 8 days I think. saplicense

Klaus Lindegaard

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Hi all,

What is the fastest way to get a temporary licensekey in case of (testing)
disaster recovery?
We plan a test on a different machine in a recovery center. If internet is
not available how can
we get the key via telephone of fax 24 hrs a day and in the weekend?
Any experiences / comments / suggestions on this topic?

Met vriendelijke groeten / kind regards,
Shop Service Center B.V.

Jan de Rooij
Tel: 00 31(0) 172 467550
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