04935 - Second instance running on one SB1

04935 - Second instance running on one SB1

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Second instance running on one SB1


If you were to upgrade your backend DB (where the SB1's are attaching to) to 8xx
and beyond hardware - you probably won't want to use the SB1's with the newer DB
because of the following....

If you wanted to move from Opti-connect infrastructure to 1gb Ethernet, the
SB1's do not support gb Ethernet

Also, with future releases of SAP it seems that more and more temp storage usage
per work process is being required and you might not have enough disk. Not sure
what size drives you have on the SB1's.

We have both hardware infrastructures - our DEV/TST is 730 with SB1 and
opti-connect; PRD is 840 with SB3 and 1gb Ethernet

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Sent: Monday, February 04, 2002 10:48 AM
Subject: Second instance running on one SB1

Hi all,

I've read a few post here regarding adding another instance on one
application server, however, I am still unclear. We are currently
being faced with EOL buyout, and IBM has come back with a 40% of
original price. These systems are three years old, and for what they
are asking, it doesn't seem worth the money. I have 4 SB1s that are
at about 38% disk utilization, 8GB memory, and always run between 20%-
30% CPU utilization.

Does it seem feasable or idiotic to send back two of the SB1s and
just create another instance on each remaining SB1?

Any creative Ideas?

Philip Stracener

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